clipboardUseful in Diagnosing

  • Breast Cancer
  • Abmormalities such as lumps or tender areas

cutleryMedication & Dietary Requirements

  • None

hangerDress Requirements

  • Comfortable, easily removable clothing
  • Examination gowns are available
  • No deodorants, antiperspirants or powders

clipboardComplete List of Patient Prep Instructions


What is Mammography?

Mammography is an essential screening and diagnostic tool in breast health. All women over the age of 40 can participate in the Alberta Breast Screening Program. If you are under the age of 50 or over the age of 69, you need an initial referral. In all other screening instances, you may schedule your own appointment. If you have symptoms, have been previously diagnosed with Breast Cancer, or if you have breast implants, you must visit your doctor for a referral.

Mammography uses a low dose of x-ray to get high resolution images of the breast. CAMIS offers a complete breast imaging service that includes:

  • screening and diagnostic mammography 
  • galactography (mammary duct examination)
  • wire guided needle localization
  • ultrasound
  • miraluma scans

What constitutes good breast health?

  1. Breast self exams.
  2. Routine clinical breast assessment
  3. Routine mammography.

Test Results and Your Privacy

As part of a province wide mandate from the Alberta Cancer Board, CAMIS will send results letters directly to all screening patients.

For Further Information

Please contact, Tricia Adams, Manager Mammography.

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